Thursday, August 23, 2018

Twist Gate Fold

Who doesn't love a card with a fun fold that you are afraid to open!? ME!! I'm so funny when it comes to opening a card that is unusual ... first I analyze - Can it be opened without being torn?, then I proceed with caution, usually from a corner, and try to open without damaging the fun card.

Well this card took a video tutorial for me to learn, but I think that I've successfully figured out a way to walk you through the steps with a couple of photos and some crafted verbiage.

The video I watched was by Julie Davison, and she was inspired by Dawn Olchefske. We all love sharing fun ideas and I just wanted to give credit for the card idea below.

Begin with a card base 4-1/4" by 7-1/2" and look at guide shown below. I made sure to use the thick white cardstock for this card. The scoring details and DSP guide is below as well.

Once you have all of your pieces please, please, please be sure to 


Folding instructions: 
1) Lay card base flat - diagonals will begin at the top left and angle down to the right. 
2) Take the left third of the base and fold into cover the center third.
3) With the same flap, fold is back at angle (see picture)

4) Open that left side all the way back to the beginning and do the right side...
5) Fold the ride side in to cover the center and fold back/down at an angle.

Now the true test comes ...

The DSP will only fit one way – stripes need to be tucked under the flaps and pushed all the way to the center so white shows around the edge and the floral DSP should meet up along the top seam. If this is true and your card is going together as planned, give yourself a big pat on the back :)

When you attach the front accent piece, whether you copy mine above or choose your own, I recommend putting your dimensionals along the seam (only on one side) on the front of the folded card to insure that they don't show when the card is opened.

Here is a flat view of the card.

Thanks for having a fun folding kind of day!

Happy Stamping,

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